ASC System©

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    Complete System designed to practice and enhance any game pattern.
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    Works for all types of players, regardless of age, fitness condition and tennis experience.
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    Improve the players' technical skills and fitness, by implementing strategic practices.
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    Successful system used by ATP and WTA Players.

training system

At Sánchez-Casal Academy, we have created our own premier training system, proven time and time again to be the most effective method of ensuring students-athletes achieve their best tennis level.

This High Performance training system places equal importance on both the player’s athletic development and on the players’ academic development. Academics are provided at ES International School, which is located on the grounds of the tennis academy.

This successful system has been used by professional ATP tennis players such as Andy Murray, Grigor Dimitrov, Juan Monaco, and WTA players such as Svetlana Kuznetsova, Daniela Hantuchova, and Tamira Paszek. The system has also enabled our students to obtain athletic and academic scholarships at universities across the United States.

The Sánchez-Casal system combines the four theoretical pillars of athletic development – technical, tactical, physical (Athlete Body), and mental (Athlete Mind) with the sole objective of pushing players to achieve their top performance and help them reach their ideal competitive state.



The Academia Sánchez-Casal Training System® is unique in the world. Designed by Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Sergio Casal, the system is compatible with all types of surfaces (clay, hard, or grass), and for every pattern of play and competition.

Benefits of the ASC Training System®
  • Designed for all types of players, regardless of age, fitness condition or tennis experience.
  • Suitable for all tennis levels and courts surfaces.
  • Complete system designed to practice and enhance any game style or strategy.
  • Improve players' technical skills, physical conditioning, and strategic practices.


Main features of the ASC Training System®
  • Develops each type of player’s court game, concentrating on offense, defense, and transition. It also works on mobility as well as positioning on the court.
  • Focuses on drills to develop patterns of play, creates positive habits through repetition, and develops the ability to adjust to different styles of play.
  • Each student-athlete is assigned a primary coach, who is responsible for monitoring the development of the player.
  • All ASC technical coaches are RPT and USPTA certified.


High performance tennis players must not only have an extensive spectrum of tools and have all their shots well defined, but they must know how to use them appropriately. Each tennis player must build their own style and must be able to apply their style in all game situations.

Tactical benefits of the ASC Training System®
  • Maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses during match play.
  • Recognize and counteract the opponent’s game.
  • Know how to adjust a pattern according to the development of the match.
  • Learn how to build points from difficult situations.


We also use video analysis as a tool to find the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Through video analysis we can detect repetitive and questionable forms or styles of play, and we can develop strategies to overcome them. We offer three (3) types of video analysis:

  • Technical evaluation of performance: Provides a complete study of forehand, backhand, volleys and serve with a written evaluation that includes suggestions for improvement. The duration of this analysis is 2 to 3 hours.
  • Tactical evaluation of performance: Provides tactical analysis of real game situations with different opponents, as well as a written evaluation and suggestions for improvement. The duration of this analysis can be up to 4 hours.
  • Individual High Performance analysis: Provides analysis of any part of the player’s game, as if it were an off-court private class. The duration of this analysis is 1 hour.


The Athlete Body department and its high performance specialists work together with the Sánchez-Casal Academy tennis coaches in order to improve the physical abilities of players and develop prevention plans that preempt and prevent the most common tennis injuries.

The fitness department ultimately educates athletes by promoting respect for the body and by emphasizing the values only sports can offer, while helping players develop both as athletes and as young adults.

Personalized training programs are created for each player, adapted to their biological and developmental age. The use of new technologies and the most up-to-date training systems permits players to improve their physical state within their individual capabilities. This kind of personalized treatment is seamlessly integrated into the Sánchez-Casal Academy Training System.

Initial tests are conducted to evaluate the physical condition of each player and these tests are repeated periodically, allowing players to adapt their training plan to their own specific needs, as well as to their tournament schedule.


Sports Nutrition: Nutrition is a key factor in a player’s development because it has a direct influence on the performance and development of a student-athlete. Thanks to our daily balanced meals prepared in-house by our Chef, all players can develop properly in this important area of competitive athletics.



Mental training is one of the fundamental pillars of the ASC tennis players’ training program.

The Academia Sanchez-Casal has developed an on-court and off-court mental coaching system: “ASC Athlete Mind System”. Through this method, the sports psychologist and tennis coaches analyze the needs of each player and develop strategies to help players improve their performance.

This daily work is done both off and on court with the players and their coaches, during daily workout and tournaments.

The main goal of the “ASC Athlete Mind System” is for our players to achieve their best level of play while enjoying the game. The sports psychologist’s primary responsibilities are to:

  • Analyze players’ needs.
  • Set goals together with the tennis coaches.
  • Provide on and off court mental strategies and tools.
  • Monitor each player’s evolution.


Each player will have a personalized competition calendar developed for his/her age and ability level. The student’s primary coach, in conjunction with the ASC Tennis Director, will plan a well strategized calendar, that provides optimal benefits. It may include local, regional, national and/or international tournaments, based on the individual needs and circumstances of the particular player.

ASC Travelling Teams, led by its top coaches, provide the best guidance and assistance to the student-athletes as they prepare before, during, and after tournaments. Coaches travel with the student-athletes and accompany them at all times.

Check out the tournaments section to see how many great events are held on the ASC campus throughout the year.

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