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    International education and high performance tennis training on one campus.
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    American system of education, in English, adapted to the needs of each student.
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    Assistance in gaining athletic scholarships to US Universities.
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    ESIS Internationally accredited by NIPSA and MSA-CESS, and recognized as a foreign school in Spain by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The Academia Sánchez-Casal, in conjunction with ES International School, offers players who aim to become tennis professionals the possibility of completing an American educational program on campus.

The school program is offered in a format that makes it fully compatible with a student's sport training without undermining academic quality. The program requires students to complete at least their Senior Year, or twelfth grade, of the American secondary education system in order to graduate. For further information about which universities our graduates have attended, see College Tennis.

Students at the ES International School Florida Campus benefit from
- A highly qualified faculty, with 80% of the faculty having a master degree or higher
- A 1:8 student-to-teacher ratio,
- A maximum class size of eight students per class,
- A nurturing academic environment, where plenty of individual attention is given to each student, and where students as active learners are engaged in frequent subject-related and cross-curricular individual and team projects.

International students, in particular, further benefit from:
- The curricular emphasis on strengthening students’ oral and written language skills, including an emphasis on the acquisition of critical reading skills through frequently assigned readings from major literary works,
- A school culture that promotes and celebrates diversity and individuality
- An experienced faculty, who understand the unique challenges international students face in the American school system, and who know how to meet those students’ unique academic needs.
For further information about which universities our graduates have attended, see College Tennis

The academic year is divided into two academic semesters:
Fall Semester (approximately August 18 to December 19)
Spring Semester (approximately January 7 to June 4)

Classes are conducted from Monday through Friday, with six class periods per day. Classes begin at 10:10 a.m. and end at 3:50 p.m., with two energy points (healthful snacks and refreshments are provided) incorporated into the daily school schedule to maintain the student athletes’ energy levels throughout the day.


Grade levels: 6–12
Nationalities represented: 14
Students: 18
Faculty and staff: 8


ES International School holds dual accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools—Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA—CESS) and the National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA), and is authorized to award high school diplomas in the state of Florida, USA.


The middle school program encompasses grades 6–8.
Promotion from the middle school to the high school requires that a student successfully complete 18 credits, which must include the following:
- Three middle school or higher courses in English,
- Three middle school or higher courses in mathematics,
- Three middle school or higher courses in science,
- Three middle school or higher courses in science, and
- Six elective courses, chosen based on a student’s area(s) of interest.

Note. Students participating in Academia Sánchez-Casal’s intensive annual tennis and fitness program will also receive 0.25 physical education (PE) credits per semester.

The following is a list of required and elective courses available to middle school students.

Grade 6

Language Arts 1
Comprehensive Mathematics 1
Comprehensive Science 1
World History 2

Grade 7

Language Arts 2
Comprehensive Mathematics 2
Comprehensive Science 2
American History 1

Grade 8

Language Arts 3
Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1
Comprehensive Science 3
American History 2


ESOL 1 Composition and Grammar*
ESOL 2 Composition and Grammar*
ESOL 3 Composition and Grammar*

ESOL 4 Composition and Grammar*

Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
Multicultural Literature
Modern Literature
Contemporary Studies
Computer Science
*Non-NCAA approved


The high school program encompasses grades 9–12. Receipt of a high school diploma requires successful completion of 24 credits and a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. The 24 credits required for high school graduation must include the following:
- Four credits in English,
- Four credits in mathematics,
- Three credits in science (two of the required credits must have a laboratory component),
- Three credits in social studies,
- One credit in fine or performing arts, speech and debate, or practical arts,
- One credit in Health
- Eight credits in electives, chosen based on a student’s area(s) of interest and academic and career plans.

Note. Students participating in Academia Sánchez-Casal’s intensive annual tennis and fitness program will also receive 0.25 physical education (PE) credits per semester. Thus, most ESIS students typically exceed the minimum 24 credits required for high school graduation.

The following is a list of required and elective courses available to high school students.

Grade 9

English 1
Algebra 1 or Geometry
Physical Science
World History

Grade 10

World Literature
Geometry or Algebra 2
Modern European History

Grade 11

American Literature
Algebra 2 or Precalculus
American History

Grade 12

British Literature
Precalculus or Calculus
American Government


Creative Writing
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
Multicultural Literature
Contemporary Literature
Global Studies
Environmental Science
Anatomy and Physiology
*Non-NCAA approved


An SAT prep course is offered regularly during the fall and spring semesters, and is required for juniors and seniors who haven’t taken the course before. This ten-week course includes two hours of instruction per week in each English and math. The course fee is based on enrollment. For groups of two or more students, the course fee for ESIS students is $800. Assuming instructor availability, individual students requiring SAT preparation either in math, or in English, or in both, may arrange for private one-on-one instruction billed at $45/hr. The course fee of $800 includes a diagnostic pretest and two posttests. The diagnostic pretest is usually administered prior to beginning the course, and posttest 1 and posttest 2 are typically administered in the middle and toward the end of the course, respectively. The course fee does not include course materials, such as test prep books and flashcards. Upon request, group and individual SAT prep courses are also available during the summer term. ES International School offers comprehensive career planning and university placement services, whereby special care is taken to ensure that each student ‘s academic potential is maximized, and that each student is placed with a college or university that represents the best fit for the student.


The Language Program offers the possibility of combining weekly, monthly, and annual tennis programs with Spanish or English as Foreign Language (EFL) courses on-site at the Academic Sánchez-Casal campus. The language program is perfectly designed for athletes wishing to train in their favorite sport at the Academy while learning Spanish or English. We involve students in a process of linguistic communication and intensive practice of the four basic elements of language education: oral, comprehension, written, and reading proficiency. With a total of 5 hours per week, the language courses are given in the afternoons, Monday through Friday, making them fully compatible with sport training at the Academia Sánchez-Casal. Classes can start every Monday.


Students requiring additional help in a subject area may sign up for private one-on-one tutorials. The availability of private tutorials depends on teacher availability. An hourly rate of $45 applies.


Fees Due Prior to Enrollment

- Application fee (nonrefundable) $175

Fees Due Upon Acceptance and Enrollment

- Annual tuition $12,500- Extracurricular activities fee $420
- Annual library fee $75

Miscellaneous Fees

- SAT prep course (ESIS students only) $800
- Private tutorials $45/hr
- Graduation fee (graduating students only) $75
- Extra subject tuition variable


For more information about the school, please contact us at info_fl@es-school.com

34105 NAPLES, FL